Barbara Ann Bernard, founder & CIO of Wincrest Capital, has a passion for investing that goes back to her days of growing up in The Bahamas. It was there that a 15-year-old Barbara Ann persuaded legendary value investor Sir John Templeton, a fellow Bahamian resident, to take her on board for the first of what would become a series of summer jobs at Templeton Global Advisors, instilling a fundamental value-oriented investment approach to the public markets. Later, working in investment banking at Goldman Sachs, followed by alternative asset management at Deutsche Bank, and as an investment analyst at Holowesko Partners, she acquired a robust grasp of private market valuation and the hedge fund industry. Today, she is the portfolio manager of the Wincrest Contraria Fund and the Energy Transition Fund.
Barbara Ann was named a Young Global Leader in 2018 by the World Economic Forum and to the list of 50 Leading Women in Hedge Funds in 2019 by EY and the Hedge Fund Journal and to the Bretton Woods Climate Finance Working Group in 2022. She is a graduate of Li Po Chun United World Colleges in Hong Kong, Lakefield College School in Canada, and the London School of Economics, where she Chaired the LSE Business Society. She currently serves on the Finance Committee of the Lyford Cay Foundation, is Chair of the United World Colleges Bahamian National Committee and is a co-Founder of the Variant Perspectives – Women in Value Investing Conference.